A professional since 1986 with diversity of technique in visual communication.

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Evelia designs can play a pivotal role in design & developement of products for your company

Graphic Design

Services Include:

  • photography, drone, location & table top
  • video editing using all Adobe CC products
  • graphic design: tradeshows, webdesign, apps
  • print design: annual reports, logos, brand ideation, presentations, etc

As an employed graphic designer, I have participated in the process of developing and designing brand-based designs for licensees. In this role, I worked from the inception of a project through to its fruition with a cohesive team. At Antioch Publishing, I was given tremendous opportunities for involvement with a wide variety of clients and project types.

Today, Evelia Designs consistently generates revenue for several clients by creating product designs, multimedia marketing material and user interactive designs. Print and product formatting is also available.